HNY18 – open your hearts…

Happy New Year from the Pegasus Family!!
After many different projects in 2017, we are now focussing mainly on our 2nd documentary ‘Root Republic’, about the consciousness of trees and the magical wisdom of plants.
Since October we are living on beautiful and magic Isla Mujeres near Cancún, México. Next week we’ll start towards the Mesoamericas and will reach Panama somewhen in April.

Our mission remains: inspiring people to expand their consciousness and accept all life on this planet as our family!! There will be no ‘world peace’, as long as we feel superior to even the tiniest existence, so we should tear down the barriers that divide races, species, religious or other beliefs, gender or whatever.

Embrace and you will be embraced. Love, and love hugs you.
Have a beautiful 2018 everyone out there, be you animal, plant, human, stone, water or whatever…