Miami airport, coming home…

Miami airport, 4 am., exhausted but happy

What a farewell for my flight to Costa Rica, being surrounded by life: animals, plants, microorganisms, cells, DNA and the beautiful work of Evelyn Politzer Fiber Artist.


As if all facets of life have gathered for a salute.
During the last 5 weeks, I have been traveling Europe to present our documentary ‘Citizen Animal’ in German cinemas & shooting the European interviews for the next one – ‘Root Republic’ – in Scotland, Wales, Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Hungary.
Both films for the trilogy ‘One planet. One family’, the mission:
Reconnecting us humans with all life on this planet. Because it is our FAMILY!
The third doc ‘Little big family’ will be on microorganisms…

My cordial thanks go out to so many in our worldwide Pegasus family-network who have helped us during the last weeks:
JIP Film und Verleih, rheinmaintv, Lichter / Filmfest Frankfurt International, PETA Deutschland, Sea Shepherd Deutschland, Ärzte gegen Tierversuche e.V., Robert Franz OPC, Filmpresse Meuser, Plant Consciousness, Ruby Alba, Findhorn Foundation, Yvonne Cuneo, Red Iguana Pictures GmbH, Life for Nature Foundation, Mona Mur, En Esch, Peggy Rockteschel, Welt im Wandel TV, Edmund Haferbeck, Caro Nowey, Andreashof Jeridin GmbH, Kino Überlingen, Franco Luccarda, Stefan Haller, Alexander Quadt, Barbara Quadt, Caprice Crawford-Ligthart, Heinrich for the car, Nicole Lengenberg, Robert Bittig, Nicole Sy and many many more…

Embrace all lifeforms, people! They are our family, no matter how small, different or strange they might seem.
Respect is the answer to today’s problems, Respect & Love.
This is the Pegasus family’s mission, this is what we travel this beautiful planet for.

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