“If we really love our children that much…”

Book publication “Ascheland” by Oliver Kyr

In solitude, Zacharias Brandt wanders through a Germany that has been destroyed by WWIII. The question is burning inside of him:
“Why are we destroying the world of our children, claiming that we love them so much?”
His three-legged hyena Else growls him back into the Here and Now on a regular basis, but still this question kills his sleep.

We regularly label war as ‘force majeure’, not only in ‘insurance slang’. But this is far from being true. Humans wage war. Noone else. But being able to spark war also means being able to decide to keep the beast caged up. Of course, this is difficult. Because we do not remember a world without war. But it is possible, nonetheless.
Our children would be very grateful.

“Ascheland” does not report of marauding zombies, glowing mutants or Mad Max like mercenaries. It tells of the creepy silence that hovers over cities, grassland and forests, after the “ballet of destruction” took place. It tells of empty schools and playgrounds.
Bragging, “we should throw some bombs there” or “they do only understand one language” or even promoting a “war for peace”, we should be aware of a clear fact:
Our children will lose their laughter when it happens.
Are we willing to pay that price? Really?

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pages: 280
language: german
ISBN: 9783862824489
cover: hard cover
edition: original edition
publisher: acabus Verlag