Our films…

Little Big Family
A journey to our brothers & sisters who are microorganisms.
Our quest took us to Okinawa (Japan) and microorganism-pioneer Prof. Higa from EMRO. Also to Thailand, Germany, the Netherlands, Panamá, Colombia, the U.S. and Perú.

Little Big Family – English version
Little Big Family – German version

Not only have they invented photosynthesis but they live inside of us!!
They are our bodyguards and we should start to treat them with due respect.

When we started filming in January 2019 we had no clue that this topic would suddenly be so important…

Root Republic
An adventurous journey into the very heart of plants & trees.
We met the founders of orchid rescue station ‚Orquigonia‘, a shaman taught us to talk to a tree in Palenque (Mexico), we spent time with the Emberá tribe in Panamá, were introduced to the sacred yagé plant in Bogotá and many more…

Root Republic – English version
Root Republic – Deutsche Version

‚Root Republic‘ was filmed 2017 and 2018 in Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panamá, Colombia, Wales, Scotland, Germany and Switzerland.
It is our personal encounter with plants & trees, on a material & spiritual level.

Citizen Animal
Why do we always say: ‚It is ONLY an animal‘?
We, the Pegasus Family, started our first documentary in 2017. Traveling to Spain, Poland, Austria, Italy and Germany to find out about our brothers & sisters who have fur & feathers…

Citizen Animal – English version
Citizen Animal – Deutsche Version
Citizen Animal – Español

‚Citizen Animal‘ is the first documentary of our trilogy ‚One planet. One family.‘ We filmed 2017 in Europe and the U.S., among the speakers are Paul Watson, founder of Sea Shepherd and Jane Goodall.

Cuando me morí…
A very personal insight into the ‚Day of the Dead‘ celebration in a small village in Mexico.
Learning how to respect the Dead and keep the memory to the deceased alive…

In 2017, we were allowed to participate the Mexican ‚Day of the Dead‘ in the small Yucatan village Pomuch…

Listen to Life
Our short film on the Italian animal sanctuary ‚fattoria delle coccole‘ in the mountains over Lago di Como.
For six months the Pegasus Family has managed the event & animal protection location…