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Oliver being interviewed by Christel Ströbel on his new book ‚Radio Love‘ (German)
Interviewed by Matthias Langwasser of ‚Regenbogenkreis‘ (German)
LIVE reading from Oliver’s book ‚Meine Engel sind grün‘ (German)

Interview on the live reading with Norbert Hüge from MILD institute
LIVE reading chapter 1
LIVE reading chapter 2
LIVE reading chapter 3
LIVE reading chapter 4
LIVE reading chapter 5
LIVE reading chapter 6

Interview for ‚good news for you‘ in English & German

English here
German here

Interview for sei mutig TV (German), audio podcast

Interviewed by Instituto Alemán de Salud mental (Lima), Spanish
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Interviewed by Norbert Hüge from MILD-Institute about Burnout and education during quarantine 2020 (German)
Interviewed by Angelika Selina Braun during the Corona quarantine 2020 (German)
Interviewed from Martin Zoller in Panamá City (German)
Oliver interviewing Fabio Alberto Ramirez in Bogotá (English)
Oliver at Robert Franz‘ Gesundheits-TV (German)
The Freilerner-WG of Austria interviewing Oliver (German)
The habit rabbit interviewing Oliver (German)
Interview with Welt im Wandel TV (German)