‘Paths are made by walking.’
Franz Kafka


We travel this beautiful planet to tell stories that inspire necessary change. For our own children, for all the children in this world, be they humans, animals, plants or other lifeforms.

In a camper, we have travelled Europe & Russia to create our children’s interview platform children’s cosmos and the first episode of our trilogy ‘One planet. One family”: the animal rights documentary ‘Citizen Animal’.

Since October 2017, we travel Central America to film episode 2 on the conscience of trees & the magical wisdom of plants: ‘Root Republic’.

We strongly believe that there will be no ‘world peace’ until we include every lifeform on this planet into this peace.
Every life has the same value, no matter how big, what colour or how understandable for us its function.

We also advise people and companies how to lose fear of change.

Change has a heartbeat. We make people listen.




camperThe Pegasus family are storyteller Oliver Kyr and ethical food artist Tatjana Kühr, their chihuahuas Yannick and Sherry, sheep Momo and – since May 2018 – coconut tree Cocosita.

Since 2015, we live in a camper – and since fall 2017 in our Volkswagen bus ‘Palomino Carlos’ to support humanitarian, ecological and animal protection projects on this planet.

We make ‘change’ experiencable. Because change has to be seen, heard, touched and even tasted and smelled.
Otherwise it does not take place.



With our project ‘Children’s Cosmos’ we travelled through Europe to interview children and teenagers about their fears, wishes and dreams.
Project’s website:



Our film trilogy “One planet. One family.” aims to open people’s minds for the fact that world peace cannot be accomplished if we do not accept all life as equal to us.
Episode 1, CITIZEN ANIMAL, celebrated its premiere in April 2018, followed by the cinema premiere tour in many German cities.
The film was shown at Frankfurt’s LICHTER film festival and is selected for the Cyprus IFF in June 2018.
Episode 2, ROOT REPUBLIC, is being filmed right now.




The Pegasus family is very proud on its international friends, like  Jane Goodall Institut, Sea Shepherd, Global Animal Law, OceanCare, Global Arts Studio Korinthos, PETA, Rotary Club of World Peace, Wayseer, Wonderland Entertainment, and many more.